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The authentication program developed by Meta, formerly known as Facebook is set to launch in India. This program aims to enhance user trust and combat misinformation on the Meta platform. With the launch of Meta Verified in India users will have the opportunity to verify their accounts by providing authentic identification documents.

Meta Verified comes as a response to the growing concerns about misinformation and fake accounts on social media platforms. By introducing this program meta aims to provide a more secure and trustworthy environment for users. Ensuring that the information shared on its platform is reliable.

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Introduction Of Meta

The introduction of Meta Verified in India reflects the company’s commitment to addressing the challenges of misinformation and improving user trust. By verifying user accounts and providing a means to differentiate between authentic and fake profiles, Meta aims to create a safer and more reliable social media experience for its Indian users.

meta verified

As the program rolls out in India, it is expected to make a significant impact on the overall user experience on the Meta platform. Users will have the assurance that the information they encounter on the platform comes from verified and trustworthy sources, reducing the spread of false information.

Meta Verified has already been launched in some other countries, and its expansion to India is a testament to the importance of the Indian market for Meta. The company recognizes the need to build trust with its user base in India and is taking steps to ensure the integrity of the platform.


How To get verified on Meta?

Indian users will need to provide government-issued identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license. These documents will be reviewed by a dedicated team at Meta to confirm their authenticity. Once verified, users will receive a blue tick mark on their Meta profiles, indicating that their accounts have been successfully authenticated.

While the Meta Verified program is currently free. There are plans to introduce a premium version in the future. The premium version will offer additional features and benefits to verified users, but the exact cost of this premium service is yet to be disclosed.



The introduction of Meta Verified in India is a positive step towards combating misinformation and improving user trust on the Meta platform. By providing users with the opportunity to verify their accounts and distinguish between authentic and fake profiles, Meta aims to create a more secure and reliable social media experience for Indian users.

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